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"If I leave a meeting with steam coming out of my ears, it is because someone was blowing smoke up my ass."               -former North Port Commissioner Cheryl Cook


                          THE NEXT

               ROSEMARY DISTRICT?

     Oh, yeah, it is. City Matters Investigates


Congratulations to Jack Brill and all of those who dwell in the Brill'iant House. You just won the mayor's seat in Venice 

                   FOR A DEMOCRAT!  

Ha! It doesn't get any more Republican than "Conservatives" handing a strong GOP seat to a Democrat.  Good deal, nutbags, super polluters and genuine fools.  Keep on tightening those rules to prevent non-corrupt Real Republicans from running in elections. Guess it's a scammer thang.

And, no, Mrs. Zucker, it isn't "almost like a dictatorship," it's Saul Alinski's Rules for Radicals In Ten Easy FlimFlam  Lessons.

Alright, everybody; breaks over, back on your heads.

McDowell gets bitch slapped by Lear

The look of love: finally, someone worthy of McDowell's attention

Hanks gets the evil eye

Carusone not "find"ing any love from McDowell

This is a series of stills during the brief time Carusone was speaking. McDowell did everything possible to ignore, disrespect, and distract from Carusone - who was supporting "interim" city clerk Heather Taylor and her work. Note all of the plastic bottles.

The old paper shuffle trick to try to distract Carusone from supporting City Clerk Taylor

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